Dating, Pandemic Style: A Quick Year In Review

Jasmine Diaz
November 8, 2022
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What a difference a year makes. When we first started on this journey in January 2021, it was with a renewed hope that anything that didn't simulate 2020 was a come-up. As we look back at the year, we reflect on how far dating has come.

Dating has changed. People are no longer hesitating or playing Russian Roulette with their favorite apps. They know what they want (and what they don't), and if that includes Trump, anti-vaxx ideology, or a passion for overly crowded spaces, they don't want it.

What we thought we valued in a relationship has also changed, and if you look closely enough, there are signs that these changes are here to stay. Mindless swiping has taken a backseat to thoughtful connections. If your life could end in a matter of days by the silent serial killer Omicron, then you're less inclined to waste time going on dates with questionable characters.

Each change brings a new reality that dating is more of a game of strategy than one of chance, and it's not just for the pretty-privileged; it's for everyone. Being intentional has taken on a new meaning. If we're serious about finding love, we have to go for it with as much intensity as we do in our work-life.

The lessons learned by COVID-19 are clear: Life is not guaranteed, and it's actually possible to run out of things to watch on Netflix. Both are terrifying when seriously considered, but there's hope for the daters who are down for the challenge.

As we close out the year, we want to say thank you to the thoughtful readers who have found a home with RELASH. Dating might not be the same, but at RELASH, you can always count on us for hot dating tea.

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