What Love Is Blind and Coronavirus Teach Us About Dating

Jasmine Diaz
November 10, 2022
Pop Culture
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ealing with a pandemic tends to put a lot into perspective. As we prepare for what looks like weeks of unwanted isolation, I can't help but think about the parallels between Netflix's latest hit, Love Is Blind, and the realities of what dating might look like for millions of singles across the globe.

Love Is Blind wasn't just some crazy social experiment. It's what online dating was supposed to be, but somehow between swiping and dick pics, we lost our way. Now with cultural changes that will leave a lasting impact for years to come, the idea of falling in love with someone "in the pods" doesn't sound so far-fetch.

Perhaps now is the time we re-evaluate what true companionship means rather than focusing on body-type or salary. Given that most of us will be out of work for some time, dating beyond superficial takes an entirely new meaning.

Finding love "in the pods" meant being vulnerable sooner than you probably would IRL. Connecting on that deep soul-connecting level isn't a place most daters are willing to go. But when confined to the walls of your home for weeks on end, you will find that you have nothing but time; time to explore and take chances you probably wouldn't if you could make that 7 PM Soul Cycle.

So what does dating post-COVID-19 look like? Less unnecessary dates (exposure) to people who don't make sense and more time spent on finding substance. Because if you're going to risk six inches, it better be worth it.

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