Video Dating Needs To Be Your Vetting Go-To. Here's Why

Jasmine Diaz
November 8, 2022
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or many, dating feels a bit like a minefield. You take a step forward towards one particular direction, only to trip a wire that sends you into an entirely different direction.

With COVID-19 having sidelined most of our endeavors, online dating has become the de facto default for our social interactions. But how exactly do you navigate the minefield that is online dating without the trial and error that comes with it? Enter video dating.

Rather than spend your time and money on an expensive meal, outfit, or the grooming hurdles you'd jump through to snag your next date, it can be used as a tool to prescreen dating prospects.

COVID-19 has taken the "risk" part of dating to an all-new level. Most of us are unwilling to interrupt our quarantine bubble for just anyone. Video dating is a great way to take that necessary dating risk without the potential of getting sick.

Here are a few examples of how to incorporate video dating into your vetting routine:

1. Become BFFs with Zoom

Gone are the days when you had to worry about giving out your telephone number to some random stranger. Platforms like Zoom and Click Meeting make connecting easy and secure.

Dating apps like Bumble, The League, Tinder have also transitioned to video dating since the pandemic. So if you're not down for yet another Zoom call, you can download your favorite app and get connected with a hot new guy (or girl) with just one swipe.

2. Focus on your goals

In the fast-paced pre-COVID-19 world, most of us were unwilling (or unable) to give people chances. We are stuck in our homes for the foreseeable future, which means we have more time to spare. The time we'd be running into that next meeting or party with friends is now spent alone, vodka in hand.

We're now more willing to listen and explore with those we might have otherwise rejected. Remember that guy from last year? Yeah, the one you swiped left on? He's looking a little different now that we have time.

Being goal-oriented does a few things. First, it protects your quarantine bubble. Second, it makes way for more in-depth conversations, and it's these conversations that can help you make better partner choices. Rather than swiping right on the cute face, you get to the core of who they are more quickly. It helps you stay on task and likely (hopefully) will keep you from entering into a relationship with someone who is opposite your goals and values.

3. Commit to Chemistry, Not Potential

Nothing sucks more than going on a date with someone only to find that there is zero chemistry. Now include the cost of wine, that Lyft drive over to the venue, and the outfit you bought at Nordstrom. Video dating eliminates all the costs associated with dating (that is, unless you like to shop in general).

The time you spend in the get-to-know-you phase creates an opportunity for you to determine chemistry. If you feel connected, you're more inclined to want to explore further, rather than being stuck on the potential of what a relationship could be. It's dating smarter and more efficiently without wasting time on an in-person date that is five minutes too long.

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