Apr 26, 2022
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5 Tips to Better Organize Your Dating Life #GetOrganizedDay

Jasmine Diaz
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How good are you at managing your dates (or sneaky links πŸ‘€)? For #GetOrganizedDay, we've put together five tips to help you stay sharp (and out of trouble). Sponsored by Bae Planner.

1. Mark your calendar

There's nothing worse than having a date you missed. If you want to avoid the apologies that follow your forgetfulness, schedule your meets up on your phone. Then, set a reminder.

2. Color-code your contacts

Are you juggling multiple dates with multiple people? If you've ever sent a text to the wrong person before, you will understand how mortifying it is. 😱 While features will differ from cell phone to cell phone, color-code your contacts, so your messages are distinguishable.

3. Pre-plan accordingly

Last-minute or spontaneous dates are great, but proper planning is the key to remaining organized. Keeping your schedule loose will allow these fun moments to happen, but your personal life can become cluttered when you overstack your life with other activities or obligations.

4. Cut off loose ends

Your time is precious. Don't continue dating people or using certain platforms (yes, we're looking at you Tinder πŸ‘€) that do not work for you. Organizing your dating life also means having a clutter-free dating life.


5. Change your habits

An organized dating life results from having good daily habits. Commit to consistently checking in with yourself and your dating journey, and you'll reap the rewards from your hard work.