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How to Avoid Dating A "Bartise." Because Love Is Not Blind

Every season of Netflix’s “Love is Blind” has a villain. But who would’ve thought Bartise Bowden would become one of the biggest villains in the history of the series? Unfortunately, people like Bartise aren’t uncommon. So how can you know if you have a partner like this, and what can you do about it?

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Out and Proud: How to Date As A Newly Queer Single

So you’ve recently come out as queer. Yes! It’s such an exciting time because you get to discover and embrace your sexual orientation or identity. At the same time, dating when you’re “newly out” can be intimidating (to say the least!). Whether you’ve had other relationships before or this is your very first time getting to know someone romantically.

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Why Online Dating Is Still a Minefield for Women

Dating apps might seem like a convenient way to meet potential partners, but the experiences can often be frustrating for women. It's been over two decades since the launch of, which is widely regarded as one of the first online dating services. In that time, the industry has grown exponentially, with new sites and apps popping up all the time.

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