Date Night Venue Review: Rose.Rabbit.Lie at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Eddie Diaz
November 8, 2022
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hen it comes to dating the where is just as important as the what. A romantic dinner can be ruined by bad service, or you may show up to a venue only to discover the atmosphere is not quite what you expected. Solid recommendations can eliminate some of the guesswork, and I have a good one for you.

Located at the trendy yet sophisticated Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Rose.Rabbit.Lie is a treat for the senses. More than just an upscale dining destination, Rose.Rabbit.Lie is a Supper Club offering dinner, cocktails, and live entertainment.  While the food and drink are attention-worthy, live music and performances set this venue apart.  

The menu boasts savory selections with visual appeal, whether you are in the mood for a full entre or only small bites to share.  The signature dishes are conveniently highlighted with a 'key' to eliminate too much guesswork.  Need to loosen up with a drink? A mixologist carefully crafts drinks worth indulging your curiosity for something unique.

Alternatively, there's an excellent wine selection if that's your preference. If you're in the mood for something sweet, Rose.Rabbit.Lie has got you covered in that area as well. The deserts are as adventurous as anything else on the menu.

The real gem of Rose.Rabbit.Lie is the vibrant atmosphere that allows you to show off your fun side and let loose.  Entering this supper club is akin to stepping through a time portal. The four-piece band plays everything from Jazz, Funk & R&B.  Each performer to take the "stage" brings a unique flair and personality.

While there are many restaurants today where you can go to listen to a four-piece Jazz band, you'd be hard-pressed to find performers who are as interactive with the guests as the singers and dancers at Rose.Rabbit.Lie — the beauty of this venue as a date destination.  

While the vocalists rest their chops, the dancers take their turn to dazzle the audience.  Fun and loose is the theme, but not for lack of skill, which is certainly on display as well.  Whether it's the tap dancer battling the drummer in perfect rhythm or the hip hop dancer doing windmills and handstands on the piano, there are no dull moments to be had.

As a date destination Rose.Rabbit.Lie is fun and flirty. The band and performers have contagious energy, and they don't mind some crowd interaction as long as it doesn't cross the line. The ambiance is perfect for a romantic evening out, and the food and beverage meet expectations. If you're in Vegas with a significant other, this should be near the top of your list for an evening out.

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