How to Travel With Someone You Just Started Dating

Jasmine Diaz
November 8, 2022
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ongratulations! You've met someone who excites you. As you think about the next phase of your relationship, exploring the world outside of your four walls is likely your next step.

If your plans for the future include taking a trip with your new boo, here are a few suggestions on how you can make the most of your getaway experience.

.01 Make it short

If this is your first getaway, consider taking a short trip instead of a long extended vacation. Try a long weekend up no more than three days and select destinations that are closer to home.

0.2 Discuss the plan

Communication might not exactly be your strong suit at this stage, so be sure to discuss your itinerary in advance. Arguing over whether to go to the beach or visit a museum should be the last thing you do.

.03 Select a navigator

Dedicating a navigator to serve as a travel guide can be a great way to avoid unnecessary arguments. Whoever earns the responsibility will get cool points while also keeping frustrations at bay.

.04 Talk about sex

Don't assume that your first vacay includes hot sex on the beach. Discuss intimacy limitations in advance of your travels to help keep expectations to a minimum.

0.5 Have a backup plan

Even our best-laid plans go left. Should your getaway plans take a turn for the worst, consider alternate lodging or travel arrangements as a backup to your worst-case scenario.

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