Three New Dating Apps You Should Know About

Jasmine Diaz
November 8, 2022
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f you've been on the hunt for a new platform that will change the way you date, you're not alone. More and more singles are seeking different ways to meet people which, is why it's always exciting when a new service steps on to the stage. Here are three new dating apps you should know about:

Photo courtesy of Blindlee


If safety is your concern, Blindee is stepping up their efforts by offering a 3-minute blurred video experience. Users forego the traditional profile and instead connect with matches over a blurred video chat. Female users can increase or decrease blurriness anytime during the conversation, and should you run out of things to discuss, Blindlee offers ice-breakers to ease the tension.

Blindlee is available now on iOS and Android.

Photo courtesy of NIM


NIM is an exclusive members-only dating app designed for singles with Islamic values. Its features are geared towards Muslim users looking for marriage and give users options to select between denominations of Islam. According to NIM founder Snaullah Niazi, NIM offers users the opportunity to abide by Sharia law and invite a chaperone to supervise conversations.

Female members initiate conversations with matches similarly to Bumble, but before you can do so, NIM requires that a panel of advisors approve users. Membership is $9.99/month or $36.99/6 months. Available now on iOS and Android.

Photo courtesy of S'More


Tailored specifically for people who want "something more," S'More is a new app for singles looking for a long-term relationship.

What's unique about S'More is that you can't see match profile photos or send direct messages until you interact. Unlike Bumble or Tinder, where you can spend mindless hours swiping and liking, S'More encourages users to spend more thoughtful time reading profiles. "Wink" at someone's profile details (hobbies, education, mood), and their photo emerges from the blur.

S'More is available now only on iOS.

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